Mobile Waxing Specialist covering the Manchester area, provding a professional waxing service in the comfort of your own home.

Certified and accredited by The Guild of Beauty Therapists. Specialising in Brazilian and Hollywood waxing along with all other areas of the body.

We cater for all women providing waxing treatments at a convenient time for you working around your busy schedule.

We use Sienna X wax: a luxury hair removal wax made with natural ingredients including tea tree oil and echinacea, featuring a signature peppermint fragrance. This wax is suitable for coarse hair and sensitive skin and is also 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Price List

Intimate Areas

Basic Bikini
High top and sides
Crease of Bottom
In between the crease only
G String
High top, sides & bottom crease
Crease of bottom, inner & outer labia with a landing strip
Clean as whistle! Bottom crease, inner & outer labia with no pubic hair

Body Areas

Underarms £10
Buttocks £12
Half Arm £15
Full Arm £20
Hands & Fingers £7
Half Leg £17
Full Leg £27
Feet & Toes £7
Half Back £12
Full Back £22
Stomach/Tummy £15
Navel Line £7
Nipples £7
Full Body with Basic Bikini £87
Full Body with G String £90
Full Body with Brazilian £95
Full Body with Hollywood £95

The Face

Brows £12
Sides £7
Chin £7
Upper Lip £7
Full Face £30


Wax Solution Package 1
Basic Bikini with Underarms
Wax Solution Package 2
Brazilian with Underarms
Wax Solution Package 3
Hollywood with Underarms
Wax Solution Package 4
Basic Bikini with Full Leg
Wax Solution Package 5
Brazilian with Full Leg
Wax Solution Package 6
Hollywood with Full Leg


Below are a list of frequently asked questions, if your query isn’t please please drop us an email or give us a call to discuss.

How do I prepare before a wax?

Exfoliating and moisturising is essential! Although waxing does exfoliate the skin, it is still essential to exfoliate days before your wax appointment as well as keeping the skin hydrated. Also Check the area being waxed has no cuts or bruises less than 6 months old as they would need to heal fully before you can get waxed.

How long should your hair be before getting it waxed?

The hair should be at least ¼ inch to ½ inch for best results. So would say allow about 3 weeks of hair growth.

How long before the hair starts to grow back or how often should I wax?

Everyone’s hair cycle is different and depends on the individuals’ hair growth. But on average expect results to last up to 3 weeks. The key is to maintain a routine of getting a wax every 4-6 weeks that way you will notice the hair growing back thinner, more sparse and the rate of which it grows will eventually start to slow down.

Does waxing hurt?

How much it hurts depends on the person. It is to be expected to experience some discomfort but this should not put you off as having a professional therapist carry out the treatment with skilled waxing techniques and quality products will keep the discomfort to a minimum. Taking Ibuprofen 30mins before treatment can also help.

Can I wax whilst Pregnant?

You can wax whilst pregnant, but it is advised that you only start waxing when your GP has given you the all clear after your 1st trimester. Another thing to bear in mind is that your skin will be more sensitive than normal so expect a bit more discomfort than usual.

Can I wax on my menstrual cycle?

You can wax during your menstrual cycle. For a Brazilian or Hollywood wax wearing a tampon is advised. Again skin tends to be more sensitive during your monthly cycle, so waxing larger areas of the body might hurt a bit more than normal. If you would rather wait or know you can’t handle that extra bit of discomfort, it is advised to wax 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your cycle.

After Care Advise: - Please avoid…

– Touching the skin with unsanitary hands
– Tight clothing to avoid rubbing, friction and irritation
– The gym or any form of exercise
– Hot showers/baths, saunas or steam rooms
– Swimming, especially if it’s a chlorinated pool
– Sunbeds, sunlight and UV exposure, sunbathing and fake tans for at least 48hrs
– Perfumed products like: – perfume, body sprays, deodorant, creams and makeup etc.

NB: After your treatment you can expect tenderness and redness on and around the area waxed. Some blood spotting is normal if you have thicker and coarser hair, but more especially if you are a 1st time waxer. All this should calm down 24-48 hrs after treatment. If not please do not hesitate to contact me.

Since finding The Waxing Solution I can’t ever see myself going anywhere else for a Wax. Ada is so Professional and thorough, and always makes me feel at ease with her great chats! I would definitely recommend The Waxing Solution as I think they provide and excellent service and all at the comfort of your own home.

June N

Would definitely recommend Ada. She is a little waxing gem. Very thorough and makes you feel at ease straightaway. Love the convenience of at home waxing- Ada brings everything that could possibly be needed and more! Very professional and makes the experience not as scary as you would think. Mamoona x


Ada is friendly and professional and makes waxing stress free, convenient and as relaxing as it can be, would 100% recommend.

Rebecca F

Great at home service. Just what I needed after recently having a baby. Complete professional and engaged with me throughout to ensure that I was completely happy with everything done. So nice to have an intimate service such as waxing done in the comfort of your own home. I would definitely recommend.

Lelee D

Ada couldn’t be more professional. She made me feel 100% at ease from my first wax. I’ve used her for the past few months and honestly wouldn’t go to anyone else. If I could give more stars I would!!!

Kim B

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